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About Us

About Us


The Indian civilization is one of the oldest in the world, the remains of which you can still find in its primitive places. Travel to the tribal destinations in India and take an insight into the age-old culture and traditions that continues to persist in its primordial surroundings.


India’s tribal population represents about eight per cent of the nation’s total population, that is 68 million. From the paradisiacal 8 states of Northeast India, to the states of virgin Orissa, poised Jharkhand and intriguing Chhattisgarh, the tribal people of India continues to conserve their primeval customs and rituals. Every ethnic group in India has an inheritance of customs, deeply embedded in their tradition and lifestyle. The tribal tours in India are most invigorating and enlivening.

Come explore with us the unexplored world.


TRIBAL TRAILS is committed to conduct its business in an ethical, fair and honest manner and totally within the spirit and framework of the legal requirements of the country that we work in.